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Junction boxes, enclosures and switchboards.

Multipole Connectors & CEE (IEC) Plugs and Sockets.

Surge & Lightning Protection.

Terminals, Flexible Busbars & Insulators.

Control Transformers, Line Filters & Reactors, Harmonic Filters.

cable fixing

Glands, Flexible Conduit & Switchboard Trunking.

Timers, Monitoring Relays, Meters and Displays.

Stripconnectors, Ferrules, DIN Rail and Ferrules.

Converters & Transducers, Time Switches and Power Supplies.

Solar Switchboards & Connection Products.

Electrical products designed for the marine industry.

Glands, Junction Boxes & Light Fittings.


Even the smartest of us need a little help sometimes. That's why we're committed to helping you get the best out of the products we supply.

We're a New Zealand owned family business committed to sourcing the very best in European hardware for your electrical needs. Our mission is to deliver high performance products you can rely on.

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Speed up your cabling into switchboards and enclosures with the new Conta-Clip KES cable entry system. Super-fast and with IP66 seal.

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