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Brand New Product to the Market

We have exciting news... a brand new product from Hensel! Combat condensation in enclosures with Dew Guard.  Now in stock at MARDAG or from your local Wholesaler.  Find out more or view our Shoutout.

Wire Mesh Tray Installation

Watch the instructional video for OBO Bettermann's Wire Mesh Tray Installation. 

The New TELE Softstarter Christian P4.0

Check out the New TELE Christian P4.0 Softstarter! A multifunctional device with high energy efficiency, ultra compact design and low cost. Find out more or view the Datasheet.

The Longest Bridge

OBO Bettermann system solutions were incorporated into the mega project of the world's longest sea bridge! Find out more.

Cable Entries made Faster

Speed up your cabling into switchboards and enclosures with the new Conta-Clip KES cable entry system. Super-fast and with IP66 seal. Find out more.


November 2023

We are pleased to announce Hensel Director, Rajesh, will be in NZ this November.  If you are interested in the Hensel product range, call 0800 MARDAG to find out if Rajesh will be in your area.

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