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Pump control to reduce

water hammering in

the pipe system

Softstarter Christian P4.0 prevents water hammering the pipes during start and stop
Christian P4.0
Pic 1 - try 1.jpg
Product:    Christian P4.0
Task:  To prevent water hammering of pipes during start and stop of pumps, the super-slim motor starter Christian P4.0 is the solution.  The topic is essential for all pipe systems that include flexible tubes, which are connected to the main pipe via snap in fittings/couplings.  This arrangement is typically used in temporary water supplies, green houses, dosing systems for pools, and agricultural applications.
Solution:  Christian P4.0 with softstart and soft stop functions increases the water pressure in the pipe in a controlled way.  The pump does not expose the pipes to the water pressure immediately during the start-up process.  In the event of stopping the pump , check valves will not shut immediate due to the reverse pressure of the water and avoid a pressure peak.  Soft stopping enables the check valve to shut moderately fast without any hammering effects to occur and also increases the life-span of the valves.
Continuous Compressor run detection
Product:    E3IF500mAAC20
Task:  Prevent the destruction of a compressor due to continous operation after an air line fails.
Solution:  The E3IF500mAAC20 detects if the compressor is running.  An additional timing relay shuts down the device once the maximum operational time has been reached.

Continuous compressor run detection

Prevent compressor failure due to continuous operation when an air line becomes defective
Automatic fa control
Automatic fan control.jpg

Automatic fan control

of drying chamber

Automatic fan start/stop control
Automatic fan control.jpg
Product:    E3IF500mAAC20
Task:  In industrial drying chambers it is essential that air circulation fans start automatically and run on for a preset time at the end of the process.
Solution:  The E3IF500mAAC20 senses the main load directly and has a low tripping level to start the fan.  Once the drying process has been completed the fan can be set to continue to run for up to 20 minutes.
LED lamp monitoring

LED lamp monitoring

A challenging task due to low load current
LED Lamp Monitoring.jpg
Product:    E1IM1AACL10
Task:  LED lamps are widely used in buildings, industrial environments and public places.  Due to low consumption it is difficult to monitor these devices.
Solution:  The new Tele current monitoring relay E1IM1AACL10 is able to detect current from 50mA to 1 Amp.  Monitoring functions include UNDER, WINDOW & OVER available with our without latching capability.  It is also possible to eliminate short switching statuses by selecting a time delay of 0.1 - 10 seconds.
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